Self Defense for Woman



“Personal Response Options & Tactically Effective Counter Techniques” is divided into two separate sections dealing with two distinct issues.

Section One: “(PRO) Personal Response Options”, addresses preventive strategies, mental preparedness & awareness. Topics in this section deal with issues directly related to preventing criminal actions from occurring, including; Intro to self defense, Vehicle Safety, Home Safety, Personal Safety, Sexual Harassment, Weapons, Survival Attitude, Rape and Related Criminal Justice Theories, and Domestic Violence.

Section Two: “(TECT) Tactically Effective Counter Techniques”, addresses Physical techniques that can be used when prevention strategies are not used, or are ineffective or fail in deterring a criminal act.


Women’s personal defense systems must include both mental knowledge and physical training.

The PROTECT class includes a book and certificate.

Taught by Officer Wade R. Boley

Of The Columbiana Police Department

(A $25.00 registration fee is assessed to cover the cost of books and materials)

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This class was written and developed by Sgt. Robert D. Magnuson

© Copyright 1992, 1996


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