In case of Severe Weather in Ohio such as a Thunderstorm, Flood Conditions, or Tornado the below rating system is used:

A Watch means that conditions are favorable for the listed/stated threat.
A Warning means that the listed/stated threat is imminent.

In the City of Columbiana should a Tornado warning be issued or a Tornado spotted sirens will sound a “high steady tone”
for three minutes followed by a public address message. Please do not call local fire or police agencies to ask why the sirens are sounding unless you have an emergency to report.  Otherwise phone lines could be jammed with unnecessary calls.  For emergency calls, please dial 9-1-1.

In case a second sighting or warning is issued when there has been a time lapse from the first warning, the sirens will again sound the “high steady tone” for three minutes.

Alert Tone audio sample

Once the Warning/Alert has been dropped an all clear consisting of an “air horn” will sound.

All Clear Tone audio sample

Tornadoes can occur in any month of the year. Statistics have shown that April,
May, and June are the peak months for tornado activity. These months also are
known for their frequent thunderstorm activity. The National Weather Service will
provide various watches and warnings to keep the public informed of conditions.


At home:
In your basement under something sturdy or under the stairs. If you don’t have a
basement, the best place is a small, windowless room near the center of your home. A closet or bathroom is ideal. Stay away from windows!

At School or Work:
Go to a designated shelter. If there is no time, crouch under your desk or seek
shelter in a closet or bathroom. Stay away from Exterior walls and windows.
Also stay away from large open rooms.

Outside, In Mobile Homes or Cars:
Go into the nearest building, store, or garage. DO NOT SEEK SHELTER IN YOUR VEHICLE. If you are driving and find a tornado is moving toward you.
Leave your vehicle and lie down in a low area (a ditch). Cover the back of your
head and neck with your hands to protect yourself from severe head injury.

Click here for a local radar screen!

For emergency information you may tune to any of the EAS Stations in Columbiana County listend below:

WKBN  570 AM
WHTX  95.9 FM
WSOM  600 AM
WKBN  98.9 FM
WHOT  1390 AM
WHOT  101.1 FM
WOHI   1490 AM
WELA  104.3 FM
WBBG  93.9 FM
WQXK  105.1 FM

WKBN  Channel 27
WYTY  Channel 33
WFMJ   Channel 21
WNEO  Channel 45

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